Powder Coat Quality

MAX has a very good scores in Powder Coating Quality Management and follows international standards. Following are the Quality Control methods we use to check the deliverable.

Testing Methods

Coating Thickness
The thickness for the coating maintained is approximately from 50 to 100 microns or as per product requirement. (Digital Coating thickness measurement instrument used)

Scratch Resistance
By adding weight to the coated object, it should withstand 3000 to 4000 grams. (1 to 5 kg. Pin type testing.)

Weather Resistance
QUV lamps are used.

Chemical Resistance
Detergent test, Object immersed in chemical should withstand 3 to 4 months (depending on the chemical.)

Impact Resistance
2.25 kg weight with a diameter of 15 mm is dropped from a height of 2 feet.

Heat Resistance
The object is placed inside the oven or in an incubator for 100 hrs at 120 Celsius.

Adhesion test
Cross Cut hatch & Tape used.

Corrosion Resistance
Salt spray testing. Pre-treatment should withstand 12 hrs minimum & coating 700 hrs or as per powder specification.