Automatic Powder Coating Facility: Powder Coating Plan MAX Surface Coatings

Our automated facility can handle the wide range of parts; our facility is designed to efficiently handle multiple long run jobs simultaneously. 

We can handle parts of the maximum size of

  • Sheet Metal Components: 12 ft length x 6 ft height x 4 ft width.
  • Cast Iron Components: 100 Kgs

Pretreatment Process:

MAX maintains one of the very few inline nine-stage, pure de-ionized (DI) hot water pretreatment system. Our innovative and advanced water pretreatment system only underscores for you our commitment to quality powder coating, technological innovation and continual improvement in our powder coating equipment and processes.

Fully automated pretreatment line consists of the following

Hot Water Generator in Pretreatment Line Powder Coating
  • Auto transporter facility
  • Hot water generators
  • Dry-off tanks
  • Sludge remover
  • Air agitators & Filter press

Auto Guns & Fully equipped SS booths:

Coating systems are vital for the quality of the products; MAX has fully automated booths with reciprocator based

guns to server any quantity with same quality with 99.99% utilization of the powders.
We are environment friendly:

We strictly adhere to the norms of pollution control boards and we have a very good post filter systems to handle the fine powders

Color change in no time:

When you come to MAX your job doesn’t have to wait for the booth to ready, we have

  • Multiple booths and 
  • Reciprocator based Auto Guns of leading brands

to handle the color change in no time to help meet the customer’s commitments.


Post Filters

We have next generation based elevated ovens with gas fired eco burners designed to save energy which will directly save the powder coating cost.

Post Filters:  

We have installed and integrated quality post filters in our powder coating plant to filter the fine powder particles to make sure our industry is pollution

free. Our post filters are designed with flexibility to make sure to clean as and when required on the go and to collect the fine powders for disposal


Filter Press:

Filter Press

We have installed fully automatic filter press system for sludge free pre-treatment process and as a result all our pre treated components are free from any phosphate residues, which helps us to achieve consistent quality in our powder coating finish.  

Manual Powder Coating Facility:

MAX has commissioned recently the manual powder coating curing facility to meet up the growing demand of  Heavy Component Powder coating. Our facility can handle parts of the maximum size 

Oven Size Width Height  Length
MM 2000 2500 3700
Meter 2 2.5 3.7
Feet 6 8 12
  • Sheet Metal Components: 12 ft length x 8 ft height x 6 ft width.
    • Cast Iron Components: 500 Kgs

    With the help of our manual powder curing oven, customers can consider us as one stop solution for their varied component sizes and to get their delivery as per their schedule. 

    Message to the Customer:

    So, whether you need to have commercial grade metals or aluminum powder coated or if you have an old industrial panel that has rusted and lost its finish, MAX’s powder coating provides a guaranteed quality finish the first time.

    We request you to visit us to study our facility and our capability before making any decisions on your powder coating.